Sharing Of Food with Friends and Family

Food traditionally has been part of every celebration, and at your wedding, food will be an essential part of the festivities of the day. The food may be as simple as cake and punch or elaborate as a format, seated dinner. Regardless, that sharing of food with friends and family will be an important part of your memories.

Outside Caterers

The caterer prepares, cooks, garnishes, serves the food, and then cleans up afterwards. Make sure your caterer is able to adapt to your reception site. If you have chosen an indoor reception, the caterer should provide table linens, plates and silverware. In addition, if outdoors, they also need to be able to supply the equipment necessary to heat or chill the food. Often, they can also supply chairs, tables, decorations and most beverages. This can be a great time saver for you if they are willing to take it on. All caterers are different so be sure to ask.  

The Contract

A contract with a caterer should clearly state what time the caterer will arrive, how they will set up for the reception, what services will be rendered, how much food will be served, and what you will be charged. Be sure that you fully understand what caterer will do and what you will pay.

Cost Per Person

All caters base their price quotes on the number of guests who will be attending. Because of that, you should be sending out RSVP cards with your wedding invitations. Once you have finalized your guest count consider quoting the caterer 90% to 95% of your final guest count.

Questions to help you determine the guest count

  • How many families are traveling form out of town?
  • What are potential travel conditions like at the time of your wedding?
  • How many of your invited guests fall into the category of co-workers or acquaintances?
  • It is not uncommon for people to respond and then not show up, so plan ahead for this.
The Menu

Your menu will depend upon the time of your reception. Brunch is wonderful for morning events while a buffet or sit-down dinners are suitable for evenings. Hors d’ oeuvres fit well between meals or preceding a large meal. Your caterer can help you to plan a menu that will fit within your budget and taste. If you request expensive ingredients or complex foods, it will add to your food costs. Discuss the possibility of more people showing than responded to avoid running out of food.

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