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Wedding Planners are not just for the wealthy anymore. Most Wedding Planners offer packages as well as individual services. Their services range from referrals, to coordinating the rehearsal and wedding ceremony or entire event. If you are strapped for time and have a set budget, I highly recommend that you continue reading.

The Big Misconception

There is a widely viewed misconception that you will save money by doing all the work yourself. This is true if you are actually “doing” the work. However, if you are the one hiring the florist, photographer etc., you can be at a disadvantage, because your knowledge of these services isn’t as comprehensive as that of a Wedding Planner.

Good Planners are very familiar with the quality vendors and the cost of wedding services, which saves both time and headaches. Once you have established a budget for your wedding, schedule a consultation (most are free) with a planner. Let her/him know what you and your fiancé are looking for in your wedding and how much you have to spend and find out if he/she can make it happen for your budgeted amount. The planner fee should be included in your budgeted amount.

Sharing the Duties

If you have your planner doing only part of the work, be sure to confirm details in writing with them. Each of you should know what the other is responsible for doing. Planning services can vary.

Types of planning services offered

  • Advice Session: A question and answer session, suggestions, advice, referrals and referrals and a determined number of phone calls until the date of your wedding.
  • Limited Planning: The planner handles only certain functions such as, decorating, catering and entertainment. You do the rest. This may be a better option, since you can draw the best form your experience and that of the planner’s.
  • Wedding Day Coordination: You coordinate all of the service providers up until the day of your wedding and then the planner will take over so you can relax and be in the moment. If you choose this option, make certain the planner has all the information such as names, phone numbers, pictures or written instructions of what you have contracted with the service providers. They will also need a wedding day contact person other than yourself to whom they can ask questions.
  • Complete Wedding Package: With this type of package, you and the planner decide together on the type of wedding you want, determine your budget and then the planner will take it from there.
Choosing a Planner

Before hiring a planner, talk with several and find one with whom you feel comfortable. Look at their portfolios; talk with them; make sure they have done weddings in your price range. Whether you are hiring a planner to alleviate the stress of planning, to prevent unnecessary bickering or to ensure a stress-free and enjoyable day, you are hiring them for their expertise so make sure you are comfortable with your choice.

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